In the event that you will have a pet crawfish, there are a couple of things you should need to consider. Subsequent to having a pet crawfish for right around three years, I have taken in a few essential things about pet crawfish care.

Tank Size Matters

For one thing, tank estimate will be quite essential in the event that you plan on having a crawfish and other fish. For one, crawfish are exceptionally messy animals. A crawfish can grimy up a tank rather rapidly by the waste it produces. Thus, I'd propose somewhere around a twenty gallon tank. By and by I've possessed the capacity to keep my own crawfish in a ten gallon tank. Be that as it may, doing as such required more successive water changes with the end goal to keep the tank looking crisp and clean.

Likewise, a bigger tank will give more space to your crawfish and other fish. This is great as crawfish are extremely regional animals.

Sorts of Tank Mates

Crawfish are forceful animals. They are omnivores who love simply getting their hooks on something and eating it. They have no issue eating other the fish in your tank, the plants and even other crawfish, on the off chance that you have them.

So on the off chance that you plan on having other fish in your fish tank alongside your pet crawfish, get angle who are additionally forceful. Fish that swim close to the highest point of the tank and who are quick work incredible as well.

As of now I have ax angle and a red tail shark in my twenty gallon tank alongside my pet blue crawfish. The red tail shark has really been living with my pet crawfish for around two years. It's worked out extremely well since he too is forceful, swims close to the highest point of the tank and is a quick swimmer. This doesn't imply that my crawfish doesn't endeavor to grab him up every now and then, he does.

Keep in mind, angle who are moderate and swim close to the base of the fish tank, where crawfish stay, are probably going to be eaten. I have lost a couple of fish at an early stage since they were moderate swimming fish.


My experience has been that on the off chance that I keep my crawfish encouraged well, they aren't generally as forceful. Clearly, the more eager a crawfish is, the more probable it is to endeavor to chase down and catch your other fish. So keep your crawfish sustained, obviously don't overload him.

Get a Hideout

Your crawfish needs an alcove. Once more, crawfish are regional and jump at the chance to have a place to tunnel. This is particularly valid and essential when your pet crawfish sheds. Since when a crawfish sheds, he excessively turns into an objective, making it impossible to different animals in the tank, as he is frail. Forts are shabby and can be bought at any pet store. Or on the other hand you can essentially make them out of PVC pipe.

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